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Mobile App for PI Infusion Support

Simplified treatment management, education, and patient support in the palm of your hand.

On the go? This app’s for you! The IgCares mobile app provides any time, anywhere support for adults with primary immunodeficiency (PI). Including practical tools to help simplify treatment management, informative educational materials, and access to the IgCares Program Specialists and Nurse Advisors, it has everything you need to stay on top of your care while you are on the move.

You'll earn IgCares donation points just for downloading the app, as well as for engaging in various, ongoing program activities. Get going with our charitable giving initiative to better the PI community as a whole! Learn more about the app’s features by using the carousel below.

IgCares Mobile App Features

  • Simplified therapy management
  • IgCares Support Center
  • Recycle infusion materials
  • Patient education
  • Earn and donate

Simplified Therapy Management

The IgCares mobile app allows you to track details about your treatment regimen and record infusion details, associated side effects and related health attributes in real-time. Easily record all the details from the vials used for infusions via the app scanner.

You can also set up reminders for scheduled or missed infusions and prescription refills, review historical infusion analysis, and more.

IgCares Support Center

Connect with a Program Specialist to get insurance questions answered, have a benefits investigation performed on your behalf, or to enroll in the co-pay assistance program.

Connect with a Nurse Advisor to have therapy management questions answered and to discuss concerns regarding potential treatment issues.

Access the IgCares Support Center right from the app!

Recycle Infusion Materials

The complimentary IgCares Recycling Program allows you to dispose of your sharps, other infusion supplies, and the packaging materials associated with your Rx safely and with positive environmental impact – 100% of what you return is used to generate electricity for homes and businesses!

Access recycling guides and additional information right from the app!

Patient Education

Access educational resources in the palm of your hand, including tips for managing side effects, an infusion troubleshooting guide, health insurance guides, and more.

Our resources aim to inform you about primary immunodeficiency (PI), help you get started on your prescription and manage your treatment, and arm you with other knowledge that matters most for PI patients.

Earn and Donate

By participating in the program and completing various app activities, you'll earn IgCares donation points that you can donate to a participating program charity of your choice. Our program charities support PI research and the greater PI community as a whole.

Each point you earn is a dollar we will donate!

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