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Living with Primary Immunodeficiency

Patient Stories

Nobody understands the primary immunodeficiency (PI) patient experience better than someone who has lived it. Reading patient stories can bring you validation, community, information, and inspiration. Learn about these patients’ histories, diagnoses, treatment journeys, tips for success, and busy, productive lives.

Teacher, Patient Educator, and PI Patient

Malea Wilson

After a life riddled with constant illness, Malea was diagnosed with PI, and started on a treatment journey that included three SCIg alternatives, IVIg, and finally cutaquig®. Today Malea can make it through cold and flu season and contact with 100+ students and remain illness-free – without significant adverse side effects from her treatment. That is quite a change from her previous experience.

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Horse Rancher, Home Care Specialist, and PI Patient Educator

Shannon Bauer

As a child, Shannon caught every bug and was constantly ill. This persisted into adulthood, when a series of progressively bad sinus and upper respiratory infections led to a diagnosis of common variable immune deficiency (CVID), a common form of PI. After lengthy, serious illness and treatment with multiple SCIg and IVIg medications, she tried cutaquig and found an answer to her previous experience of adverse reactions and lifestyle inconveniences. Today Shannon is essentially side-effect and illness free and back to enjoying life.

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PI Patient, Advocate, and Nurse Educator

Laurel Cherwin

A tireless PI patient advocate, Laurel was diagnosed with PI later in life, after experiencing multiple “mystery” symptoms. Following diagnosis, Laurel began her PI treatment journey, exploring both IVIg and SCIg therapies. Through a lengthy process of trial and error — both in terms of adverse reactions and lifestyle impediments — Laurel arrived at an SCIg regimen that works with her body and with the demands of her busy life on the road.

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Indications and Important Safety Information for cutaquig® (Immune Globulin Subcutaneous [Human]– hipp, 16.5% solution)
See the cutaquig full prescribing information for complete boxed warning
Thrombosis may occur with immune globulin products, including cutaquig.